Anchorage Photo Journal

Special thanks to homeowner Ira Perman for putting together this photo journal with commentary for us.

Perman #1


Restoring the logs on this 60-year old house was a challenging job.  There were countless layers of varnish and stain that had to be blasted off with glass media to get down to clean wood.  Then the logs were hand sanded – twice – to make them smooth to the touch.  Some wood rot was encountered; logs had to be repaired and sculpted in place to match the other logs – a remarkable process.  Two coats of stain were followed by two applications of clear coat.

Owners Ira Perman and Virginia Rusch and their neighbors loved watching the meticulous work and daily progress through rain, wind or beautiful sunshine. “They never stopped.  It’s obvious Manfred Nolywaika and his son Noah take great pride in their beautiful work.  Log restoration is a demanding and satisfying craft.  They are true craftsmen. It’s been a treasured experience to watch them work.  And the result is breathtaking.”

Perman #2

Staging and careful masking

Perman #3

Blasting begins

Perman #4

Lots of dust – plenty of wind and rain, too!

Perman #5

Blasting and sanding the back of the house.

Perman #6

Uh oh! Unexpected rot.

Perman #7

Preparing epoxy.

Perman #8

Sculpted wood epoxy replaces the removed rotted wood.

Perman #9

Staining begins. Here we are applying Sashco’s Capture Stain in Bronze Pine.

Perman #10

Lots of scaffolding and ladders

Perman #11

Sunny days in late August. The work accelerates. Nice color.

Perman #12

Stain and clear coat bring out the grain of the wood.

Perman #13

Almost done!

Perman #14

Can you see the log repairs?

Perman #15

Five weeks from start to finish. Craftsmen Manfred and Noah Nolywaika of Northwoods Enterprises complete a beautiful restoration of a sixty-year-old log home in Anchorage, Alaska.

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