Glass Media Blasting


Over the years we have implemented many of the available methods for removing old stains and finishes.  We have found glass blasting to be the most effective, safest, and economical way to get down to clean wood.

Superior to chemical stripping, corn blasting, or other media blasting, glass blasting is the way to go.  Using a modified sandblaster, the non-toxic glass media gently and thoroughly removes built-up finish and dirt.  Following up with a sander/grinder really brings out the grain of the wood and prepares it to accept the stain.

The glass media is safe, easy on your logs, and is easily cleaned up.  We sweep, vacuum, and shovel it into bags and haul it away before we leave the job site.  Any remaining overblast media blends naturally into the surrounding soil.  Except for a gorgeous house, you’d never know we were there.

More about media blasting HERE

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