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We’ve Been Chinking & Restoring Alaska’s Log Homes Since 1997. Here’s feedback from a few of our customers…

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“…more than satisfied…”

After 16 years of dust, ash, rain, snow, ice and mold, our Girdwood cabin exterior was dark, dingy and badly in need of rejuvenation. Manfred and Noah glass-blasted, sanded and ground the logs and wood siding down to a pristine condition. Then they applied two coats each of the highest quality stain and sealant. Now, the cabin is simply stunning and beautiful. We are more than satisfied and highly recommend Northwoods Enterprises.
-John and Jaynie Alexander, Girdwood, Alaska

“…the good, the bad, and the ugly…”

I have been building log homes for 35 years.  We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to log home finishes.  Manfred and his crew do the best job I have seen.  Manfred really cares about his work and it shows on every job he does.  When Manfred is doing the job, you don’t have to worry if it’s being done right.  I recommend Northwoods Enterprises because they always make my work look better.
-Bill Kisken – dba Log Weavers

“Looks like brand new…”

Manfred and Noah: I want to thank you both for an absolutely fabulous job that you did on my log home. You guys are absolutely unsurpassed in the industry.
-Steve Mace – Girdwood, Alaska

“The result is breathtaking.”

Restoring the logs on this 60-year old house was a challenging job.  There were countless layers of varnish and stain that had to be blasted off with glass media to get down to clean wood.  Then the logs were hand sanded – twice – to make them smooth to the touch.  Some wood rot was encountered; logs had to be repaired and sculpted in place to match the other logs – a remarkable process.  Two coats of stain were followed by two applications of clear coat.
Owners Ira Perman and Virginia Rusch and their neighbors loved watching the meticulous work and daily progress through rain, wind or beautiful sunshine. “They never stopped.  It’s obvious Manfred Nolywaika and his son Noah take great pride in their beautiful work.  Log restoration is a demanding and satisfying craft.  They are true craftsmen. It’s been a treasured experience to watch them work.  And the result is breathtaking.” This has been a real pleasure.  I enjoyed coming home each day to see the work being done.
-Ira Perman and Virginia Rusch – Anchorage, Alaska

“No more refinishing every five years…”

“Several years ago our cabin was in need of refinishing again.  We built the cabin in 1973 using logs milled in Nenana.  This would be the fourth time we would have to sand the entire exterior by hand trying to remove the old finish so we could apply a new coat and try to keep the logs looking natural.

I found Northwoods Enterprises and contacted them.  Manfred came to the house and explained the procedures necessary to prepare the cabin and apply the finish.  He explained all the benefits and supplied us a list of houses in the area that he had previously refinished.  We visited a couple of them and was impressed with their appearance.  We were more impressed when we talked to the owners and [heard] their praise of the professional way that Manfred had completed the work.

We contacted Manfred and asked for an estimate.  He visited, took a couple measurements, and in a few days came back with the cost.  At first we thought it was a little expensive but when we remembered that we had been refinishing every five years, his proposal seemed reasonable.  We agreed and he set up a schedule for the work.  He began work when he said he would, completed on time, and left the property cleaner than when he began.  His work consisted of removing all the old finish, repairing a couple places where the logs had deteriorated, hand sanded the logs, applied the base coat and then the final coat.  Then he cleaned the site, vacuuming up all the sanding dust, and left the place looking like new. Ten years later, the finish is still in good shape and does not need any attention. We recommend that if you are needing to refinish your house, contact Northwoods Enterprises.”
-Charles and Jo Anne Clark  –  Fairbanks, Alaska

“Did you just build this?”

“Our 30×30 log cabin on Harding Lake was looking tired and drab.  The linseed/creosote treatment applied in 1979 was streaked and just ugly.  We asked around for a fix and Manfred’s name came up consistently.  After his hard work and first-class application six years ago, we continue to get the question, “Did you just build this?”  Our cabin is now not only beautiful but also protected.  Our investment in Manfred will pay off for years.”
-Gary and Sue Wilken – Salcha, Alaska

“…the passion and concern for my house was paramount.”

“Manfred gave a very detailed explanation on what was needed and what my options were on restoring my logs.  He was very helpful on the color choices of the finished product.  Manfred gave a good job and time estimate on what was needed and he started and finished the job on time.  He gave a list of contacts of his past jobs, which I checked out, and was very pleased with what I saw, so I hired him. It’s been 2 years since the work he’s done on my logs and I’m still very pleased with the finished product.  His dedication and professionalism was very evident and the passion and concern for my house was paramount.  I would hire Manfred again and I give my recommendation for his services.”
-Brian Kosmal – North Pole, Alaska

“The end product is wonderful. The house looks great.”

“My husband and I own a Swedish scribed log home.  This is our first log home and we had no idea how to maintain our home’s exterior and started to look into chinking.  We had been researching chinking it ourselves but were concerned that with our lack of experience it would take too long to complete and not look quite as aesthetically pleasing as we would want.

In 2008, my husband and I contacted Manfred Nolywaika in regards to chinking our home.  We were very pleased with the entire transaction.  When we first called him, he was very informative about the process and understood what we wanted to accomplish.  He came to the house to look at the project.  His bid was very clear and concise and gave us information on how to maintain our logs.  Once we decided what color of chinking to use, we were on our way.  When the weather warmed up, he started the project and completed it quickly.

The end product is wonderful.  The house looks great.  It is smooth and even on the whole house.  We’ve had so many comments on how nice it looks.  People are always touching it to prove to themselves it is chinking and not log.  We highly recommend Manfred.  Not only is he professional, but personable too.  We didn’t feel like another “job” and were treated as individuals.”
-Marla Schmude – Salcha, Alaska

“…badly damaged from UV and neglect.”

“The logs on our home were badly damaged from UV and neglect.  Manfred was very helpful in discussing options, and after we arrived at a plan, he did an excellent job restoring and refinishing the logs.  It was a pleasure to work with someone who takes pride in doing good work.”
-Janet and Eric Madsen – Fairbanks, Alaska

“Our home is now better than new.”

This past summer our log home underwent a complete exterior restoration by Northwoods Enterprises.  Scaffolding was erected, the logs were blasted, sanded, trimmed, and rot removed and then sealed.  The entire project took approximately two months.  Manfred and his son and daughter, Hans and Olivia, are very hardworking, meticulous workers and do a very thorough job.  While working or cleaning up inside the house they were very respectful of us and our belongings.

The final site cleanup was excellent.  Our home is now better than new.  Though it was a very lengthy and laborious process, it was well worth the time and expense and we highly recommend Manfred and Northwoods Enterprises.
-David and Judy Calder – Fairbanks, Alaska

“…all work was completed within the budget…”

We are extremely pleased with Manfred’s log cabin work.  He exhibited a refreshingly thorough attention to detail from start to finish.  The quotes for labor and supplies were appropriately detailed, and all work was completed within the budget.  He set clear boundaries about what work he will do, and he is a good source of information on reputable persons who can complete other work.  He has a wonderful family-we appreciated meeting most of all his family members as they joined him for some of the work.  We highly recommend him for log work.
-Eric and Therese Schneider – Fairbanks, Alaska

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