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One of the most effective ways of improving the energy efficiency of your log home is chinking.  Air leaks allow warm air to escape around windows, doors, and purlins, while cold air from outside penetrates under window sills, in corners, and through cracks that may have opened up as the building settled.

roger's wall

Interior chinking is one way to help prevent interior moisture from condensing on the log surface and in joints, which can lead to mold and rot.  Exterior chinking keeps the weather where it belongs – outside!

If you have frost buildup around purlins, above windows, and under eaves, your log home may benefit from chinking.

chinked wall

Chinking material comes in a variety of colors.  Choose a light color for maximum contrast, or select a color to match your logs for a more blended look.  Contact us for a color sample chart.

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For more about chinking, click here.

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